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‘We don’t diagnose the cause of your pain, we just help you make it go away’

The story behind the name, Lockeroom…
Week after week, athletes in all sports leave a locker room or shed to play sport, and then return again after the game to recover. Something must happen in there because each week, players that appeared to be exhausted / wounded / injured at the end of a game, bounce back to play again the next week as if nothing happen.
Athletes get access to injury and recovery information that keeps them active, but what about the rest of us who aren’t athletes. How do we find out what’s causing our pain, and how to make it go away?
As its name suggests, Lockeroom gives everyone access to the information that keeps athletes moving.
It manufactures simple, effective products and uses simple exercise sequences to teach people about normal movement patterns and how to correct abnormal ones, to enable them to stay active and pain free.

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Crapper is one of the best Physio's in the business! My footy career would have ended much sooner if it wasn't for him. He's been working in sport for 30 years. There's not much he doesn't know about injury and what needs to be done to get a player back on the field.- Dan Crowley
I love my Pocket Physio. This little tool has changed my life. I work long hours at my computer and my neck was always stiff and tight. Not anymore! It feels just like my physio's thumb, and I dont even have to leave my chair. I use it everyday and I love it.<br /> Thanks Lockeroom<br /> - Simone Clark
I thought exercise was for sports people and gym junkies. I didn't realize that exercises can take pain away! I've had a bad back forever. It is amazing how a simple thing like stretching the back of my legs can make my lower back feel so much better!- John Williams

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What’s wrong with using a bag of peas?

With most soft tissue injuries, the most critical window for maximum recovery effect is the first 12-24 hours. What you do to manage the body’s response to soft-tissue trauma in this window will determine how long it takes to recover and return to play.

If that’s all you have on hand when injury occurs, go for it. Applying cold immediately after injury is a vital component in the process of reducing swelling, managing pain and allowing the healing process to begin. A bag of peas will work short term to get things started but there are better options that will improve injury recovery outcomes

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